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Charity Shop Chic at Belgrave Road

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 09th February 2022

Charity shop chic and luxurious style is not something you’d expect to utter in the same breath. And we’ve all heard stories about home makeover costs spiralling out of control. But budget and luxury can work hand in hand, as illustrated in a YOU magazine article featuring Leanne von Arx. Location owner Leanne shows how stunning design can work in harmony with a generous sprinkling of bargain finds.

Let’s take a closer look at how Leanne has created her breathtaking home. Whilst at the same time keeping a close eye on budget-saving shopping.


A Treasure Trove of Style

Many of our Light Locations are dream homes, designed exquisitely and luxuriously furnished. And Leanne’s beautiful Victorian Terrace at Belgrave Road is no exception. With an Instagram worthy interior, you’d easily have assumed she sourced the enviable selection of furnishings from art galleries and high-end designers. But after a swift but extensive renovation, Leanne created the finishing touches with charity shop treasures, antique store gems and discount chain store finds. The result is a masterpiece in design, packed with exquisite adornments and awe-inspiring style at every turn.


Successful Charity Shop Chic

As the YOU article explains, Leanne successfully marries a keen eye for design with the know-how and patience of a successful bargain hunter. She painstakingly sourced many of her signature pieces from eBay. These included the showpiece chandelier in the elegant lounge and the gorgeous pedestal table in the dining room. And other items have been found on offer at mainstream bands such as and


Leanne’s Journey

Leanne has always felt an incredible draw to design. Her home became her creative outlet for many years, with a never-ending stream of renovation and makeover projects. As a result, Belgrave Road is her pinnacle masterpiece. A culmination of years spent developing her style, cultivated with a healthy obsession with design literature.

The success of Belgrave Road, together with not wanting to move house again, led Leanne’s husband Otto to suggest she turn her passion into a career. As a result, she switched from life as a successful physiotherapist to an in-demand interior designer transforming other people’s living spaces. We can’t wait to see where the next step on Leanne’s design journey takes her.

Find Out More

To learn more about the gorgeous Belgrave Road, why not read our photoshoot location spotlight or follow Leanne on Instagram. And for more tips on bagging a bargain without compromising style, read the full YOU article Grand Design on a Tiny Budget.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens