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Sophie Hitchens


Don’t Forget the Bedroom!

Sophie Hitchens Monday 12th February 2018

When people renovate or update their homes, the emphasis is often on the bathrooms and kitchens. Despite being the room we often spend a large amount of our time in (albeit some of that asleep!) bedrooms often languish at the end of the to do list.

Depending on its current condition, updating your bedroom décor doesn’t have to mean an expensive overhaul. Two of the changes that can make a vast difference are to introduce a feature wall or to rethink your lighting.

Take inspiration from some of our favourite Light Locations to push your bedroom makeover up the priority list.

A Textured Feature Wall

Having a feature wall in your design makeover is nothing new. However, the options and ideas that are now available have definitely changed over the years. In the past, feature walls tended to focus on different colour paint or pattern wallpaper. Now the choice is much broader and brings in an abundance of textures.

You only need to see our lovely new office for evidence that we love our cladding at Light Locations. Used in a bedroom it can bring a gorgeous depth to the dimensions of the room. Beyond tongue and groove, which can still have a lovely gentle impact, there are now far more materials to choose from. One of our Light Locations, Foxgrove Road takes the idea of wood cladding to a new level, with a stunning array of textures.

Panels are another way to make a feature of a particular wall. They have the added benefit of being less permanent and can act as a luxurious and oversized headboard.

When it comes to the main centrepiece light fitting, it’s difficult to deny the grandeur of a chandelier. It never fails to bring a level of opulence and can work in every type of interior design, even in a more contemporary backdrop.  The result can be a total room transformation.

If a dramatic centrepiece isn’t your style, consider ringing the change with your choice of bedside lighting. Current trends include pairs of matching ceiling or wall hung lights rather than the more traditional table lamps, either of which can utilise bare or exposed bulbs.

Once you’ve picked your fixings, experiment with all the tones of lighting now available. Warm white, cool white or daylight?  Halogen, LED or vintage Edison filament? Light bulbs now come in a vast range of choices, which can dramatically alter the atmosphere of a room with the flick of a switch.

Right, we are off now to go light shopping! For more bedroom design inspiration take a look at more of our Light Locations.


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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens