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Feature Walls: Distressed Walls

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 27th April 2022

Feature walls are decisive criteria for photographers and stylists looking for perfect backdrops to galvanize their creative visions. Choosing wisely can strengthen, energize or completely alter the mood of a final set of visuals and imagery. 

Following on from March’s spotlight on panelled walls, here we look at distressed walls. We’ll briefly explain what they are before letting the photographs speak for themselves, with our choice of striking and mesmerizing examples.


Feature Walls: Distressed Walls 

Distressed walls can exist as the genuine product of ageing or distress. For example, peeling wallpaper, smoke-damaged walls, beaten plaster or clever paint effects. Alternatively, creative home and location owners can purposefully create a distressed effect by stripping away layers to expose intriguing textures.

 Either way, the results create stunning backdrops which photograph particularly well. As a result, they are always in demand for lifestyle shoots.


Our Pick of Locations with Distressed Walls  

Brook Lodge

The achingly pretty countryside house in Hampshire offers several naturally distressed walls. Corners and expanses of exposed plaster cleverly provide subtle but beautiful photographic opportunities and heaps of rustic charm.

The Orangery

The 18th Century Orangery situated on the grand Broadlands Estate in Hampshire also provides genuinely ageing walls. But this time, the sheer size of the walls creates an altogether different proposition.

Foxgrove Road

No longer with us as a Light Location, this large home in Beckenham successfully blends period details with modern twists, creating the perfect canvas for distressed wall effects.


Safe House 1

This derelict Victorian house in Peckham offers bona fide distressed walls aplenty. This characterful location provides an unusual setting displaying differing stages of crumbling plaster. And with its skeletal walls and missing floorboards, light floods through to expose unique and intriguing backdrops.


Top Floor

Another example of genuine and heavily distressed walls is on show in the burnt-out rooms at Top Floor. The smoke damaged walls and ceilings, exposed brick, and reduced light creates sultry corners and backdrops ideal for melancholy moods and characterful creations.  


Marmora Road

Marmora Road is one of our continually evolving Light Locations. Each room houses its own strong and alluring characteristics, offering numerous photoshoot styles in one location. The owner has carefully chosen the hallways and staircases to offer distressed walls in a neat and artistic form.


Eagle House

Eagle House is an impressive and handsome home filled with high ceilings, stripped floors and ornate period features. And one room, in particular, has used these features to set the framework for the artistic use of naturally distressed walls. At first glance, it appears as if these dramatic walls are covered in beautiful and noteworthy wallpaper. But look a little closer, and you’ll see they are an exquisite example of a textured surface.


Discover More

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens