October Hot Properties: Anders House and Hungerford House

Suzi Davis Tuesday 10th November 2020

Despite the many twists and turns of 2020, two of our Light Locations have had an impressive year so far. In August, Hungerford House was packed with shoots, propelling it to the esteemed hot property seat. Anders House then joined the race and stormed in for the September spot. During October both properties vied for first place. By the time Halloween arrived, they had both earnt the title of October hot property.

Popular with our clients, these two properties are also a hit with the Light Locations team. We picked the brains of Madeleine, Katie, Nicola and Sophie about what draws everyone to these two impressive locations.

Hungerford House

Reflecting the versatility of its generous proportions, several clients booked multiple days at this splendid home during October. The White Company, Dulux and Style Library were just some of the brands utilising the well-proportioned rooms and period features. The ability to paint and decorate this beautiful West Berkshire gem added to its popularity.

The Light Locations team feel the appeal of this handsome property begins with its private and rural surroundings. This setting has shown to be especially desirable this year with the increased need for shoot teams to socially distance.

The interior of this elegant home with its proportions and period features enthrals the team and clients alike. Katie loves how it cleverly marries period features with modern characteristics – from the clean lines and finish to the parquet flooring and impressive floor tiles. Nicola is also drawn to the mixture of flooring, but her favourite spot in the house is the utility room with its gorgeous wooden cupboard fronts.

Sophie is also a total unadulterated fan:
“I could move into this house! I love the space and dimensions of each room, the kitchen, utility room, spacious hallways and general versatility of the space. It basically has everything that makes a great photo shoot location.”

When it comes to the steady stream of interested clients, Madeleine firmly believes that the combination of scope, downstairs light and rural location are the factors that ensure its enduring appeal. The light, space and number of rooms available to shoot in are undeniably popular with a wide range of clients and keep the bookings flowing.

Anders House

New to Light Locations this year, the demand for this Victorian house in London has not abated. During October, fashion, interior and furniture clients all vied for booking slots, reflecting the versatility and scope this light and spacious location offers.

Quizzed on what they love about the property, the team adoration for the stylish Crittall windows in the kitchen came through loud and clear. Sophie loves how these windows make such a statement and allow light into the room, and Katie adores how their dark outlines contrast with the light muted tones of their setting.

Alongside the impressive windows, Nicola and Madeleine also added that the dark kitchen cabinets stand out for both them and clients who are keen to utilise these strong features. In fact, the whole team feel that the contrast of dark and light throughout the property sets Anders House apart and catapults its appeal.

Both of our October hot properties have just what it takes to draw in clients. They both provide the setting for enthralling and eye-catching photography. Our bets are on seeing them again in the hot property hall of fame.

Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis