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How to Prepare a Location for Your Photoshoot: Essential Tips

Sophie Hitchens Friday 17th November 2023

Planning a photoshoot involves a lot of moving parts—from organising products to selecting models, organising photographers and stylists, and, of course, choosing the perfect location. Finding a suitable backdrop can elevate your shoot from average to extraordinary. However, simply choosing a location isn’t enough; you’ll need to make sure everything is fully prepared before the shoot day arrives.

Whether you’re a client or location owner, proper planning and coordination give you a better chance of a seamless, successful shoot. So, let’s delve into the crucial aspects of preparing a location for a photoshoot from different perspectives.

For The Client

Visit the location

If possible, recce the location. This gives you an opportunity to take preliminary shots for your shoot lists and visualise the final product in situ. It also allows you to ask the owner any questions and familiarise yourself with the property, so you are ready to go on your shoot day.

Keep in touch with your Location Agency

Keep an open line of communication with the agency handling your shoot. Discuss anything we should be aware of, and the owner needs to know so there are no surprises on the day of the shoot. Enquire about parking arrangements at the property and see if car permits can be organised. If you need permits, remember to pass over your vehicle details to register in time for your shoot day. 

Timings and schedules

Coordinate with the agency about the timings of the shoot and confirm the time you’ll have access to the location and the time you’ll need to leave. 

Emergency plans and weather preparation

If you’ll be shooting outside, you’ll need to have a backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances, like bad weather. Discuss these contingencies with your agency to avoid any last-minute disasters.


What we do as a location Agency

 Handle admin queries

There’ll be lots of questions you have about your shoot that we’re here to answer for you. These can include asking for paint colours if you are painting walls that you’ll need to paint back, window dimensions for curtains to be made up, where to go for lunch, and what facilities the location has. The list is endless, and we’re here to help. 

Cover all the legal aspects

At Light Locations, we won’t book a shoot unless the client has all the relevant public liability in place. We also have an agreement with the client confirming every detail, from fees, payment terms, shoot timings, and house rules to cancellation terms. We’ll make sure this is all signed and agreed upon before the shoot begins.

Liaise with the owner

We’ll liaise with the owner and make sure they’re fully informed of all the shoot details. We send them a call sheet with all the information they need so they know who to expect on the day, how many people to expect, the timings, and which rooms they’ll be using.

Organise car permits

If a location requires permits, we’ll help make sure they’re in place in advance of your shoot.


For The Location Owner

A presentable house

The most important preparation for the owner is making sure the house is clean and tidy, and as seen on the Light Locations website. Removing any precious items is always a good idea too as well as making sure the agency is kept informed about any off-limits areas. You might want to install temporary signs on rooms that aren’t available for the shoot in order to direct the crew. 

Accessibility and space

You’ll need to make sure there is space for the crew and their products. Ensure easy access for large equipment and products that need to be brought in. If possible, provide parking options on-site or organise car permits if possible, where needed. 


Make sure you have a good supply of tea, coffee, and fresh milk for the crews. Some tasty snacks are always very welcome if you want to go the extra mile!


A well-prepared and successful shoot

By being proactive, organised, and considering these essential tips, all parties involved can contribute to a well-prepared and successful photoshoot. This will not only result in beautiful photos but also create a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone involved on their shoot day.

For more tips and hints, download our shoot guide here, take a look at Renting Your Home as a Location or read Why use a Location Agency?

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens