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Q & A With Our Lovely Chloe

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 19th January 2022

Chloe Whatling is the newest member of the Light Locations team. You may already have spent time with her on the end of the phone as she skilfully coordinates location bookings and fills the maternity leave shaped hole following Madeleine’s break with her gorgeous baby Billy.

Chloe joined us in August, slightly later than planned, due to a bout of COVID. Thankfully she recovered quickly and hit the ground running, picking things up at super-speed and settling in within days. 

 We caught up with Chloe to learn more about life before Light Locations and unearth a few fun facts from avocadoes to coat hangers with a round of ‘fill in the blanks’.


Life Before Light Locations

Before light Locations, Chloe studied Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. With a part-time in Selfridges as a sales associate alongside her studies, Chloe love of fashion was evident.

During her studies, Chloe interned at a few magazines and newspapers, where she worked in fashion cupboards helping stylists organise clothes for shoots. The role also gave her opportunities to help on several fashion shoots, assisting stylists and photographers, steaming clothes, taking credits, and sorting clothes.

With Chloe’s passion for fashion and first-hand experience in the creative industries, the opportunity at Light Locations came at the perfect time. Having just graduated from university and keen to take a step back from hectic London Life, Chloe returned to her hometown of Devizes to cover Madeleine’s role as Assistant Location Coordinator.


Life with Light Locations

Since joining Light Locations, Chloe has relished the opportunities to help clients and gain valuable experience whilst enjoying a quieter countryside pace of life.

“It’s satisfying finding the perfect location for clients, reading their shoot briefs, and knowing exactly what locations would suit. I love that I get to see the shoots online and in print; it’s gratifying knowing that I’ve contributed in some way from a little barn in Wiltshire. I feel like I’m getting the same experience as I would from a creative job working in London.”

“Light Locations is such a beautiful place to work; we’re in this lovely barn with countryside views all around us. From working on Mac computers to our modern kitchen, it’s the best location to work in.”

“Also, everyone who works here is soooo lovely. We all come together at lunch with Design by Timber and have a good catch up, listening to Tim’s weekly updates and his amusing stories, so I’m really grateful that I get to work with the loveliest of people.”


Fill In The Blanks with Chloe Whatling

Now that we know a little bit more about Chloe, let’s dive a little deeper with our fun round. We asked Chloe to fill in the blanks on a number of topics from toast toppings to dream houses.

Once I pass my driving test, my first trip will be to …….

I’m hoping I can pick up a couple of friends and take them for food. But my first trip will probably be to work; I’m hoping I don’t hit too many potholes on the way as the road to the office is a bit dodgy.

My food weakness is …….

I have a sweet tooth, so it would have to be chocolate. Wagamamas is another weakness as I love Japanese food… ooh and sushi too.

On toast, I love to spread ……..

Everyone in the office will know my answer for this one… I’m obsessed with avocado on toast, and it’s becoming a not-so-healthy lunch habit of mine. I do love Marmite on toast too.

My go-to social media platform is …..

Instagram. It’s my favourite social platform and provides a hub of inspiration for me, and I love looking for fashion and home inspiration there.

My favourite Instagram accounts are…

I follow lots of interior design accounts. I enjoy scrolling through the account @_homedreaming for decor inspiration for my bedroom. This Instagrammer’s home account is also one of my favourites @ohsorented

Also, I love these two accounts for fashion inspiration @lauraelizabethklein and @sophfloyd

My to-die-for brand is….

House of Sunny, a sustainable independent brand, and I have a couple of designs by them. Its clothes are very colourful and funky, which is my kind of style.

I’d also love to be rich enough to be dressed head to toe in Jacquemus, so I’m going to try and save up for one of its bags in the new year.

If I were an animal, it would be….

A horse. I like the idea of being a horse as they are such elegant creatures. I like that I could run freely and live a simple life, which resonates with me.

My dream house would be….

A large barn conversion with an open-plan layout and tall ceilings, like our location ‘Ham House’. I’d love a minimalistic design with 70’s styled furniture, simple but with pops of colour. A mixture of ‘St Peters Road’ and ‘St Francis House’ would be my dream house interior.

I’m inspired by (person)….?

Rihanna. I’m hugely inspired by her innovative fashion runway shows that illustrate there shouldn’t just be one body type in the media. This is important nowadays, especially for young girls on social media. I just love how she’s breaking down body type boundaries, making the world recognise that there shouldn’t be one ideal of beauty.

This year, I’m most looking forward to …….

I’m most looking forward to eating clean after Christmas. I always do Veganary, so I would like to try and keep this going after January this time.

I’d also like to run a half marathon this year, Katie and I have been running together, so I think it’ll be nice to accomplish something with my running.

I’m also looking forward to finally going on holiday with my friends, as I haven’t been abroad for over two years due to covid, so I can’t wait to get some vitamin D FINALLY!!


More About the Light Locations Team

So there we have it, an insight into Chloe’s world. To find out more about the rest of the team at Light Locations, with quick fire questions and answers with Katie, Nicola and Madeleine.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens