Location Spotlight: Inside Upper Clapton Road: An Urban Jungle

Suzi Davis Saturday 17th April 2021

An urban jungle? Is that even a thing? Following our green and garden theme for April, we take a look at a very special Light Location.

When someone describes a jungle, we imagine your mind may conjure images of Africa’s wilds or the subterranean depths of South America. The lush and free outdoors overrun with swaying tree canopies and swinging vines. But our inside spaces can be jungles too, with the help of well-placed and abundant foliage. Building an indoor jungle is brilliantly illustrated at one of our particularly lush Light Locations.

Upper Clapton Road

This quirky and stunning space in East London is a botanical bonanza. Originally a stable building for the tram station below, this 2000 sq ft of open space is a foliage fanatic’s dream location. Full of unusual features, including a grooved stone floor and fantastic white rafters, Upper Clapton Road appeals to those seeking an unconventional location space.

Urban Jungle Dreams

Imagine sleeping in a jungle. Falling asleep amongst dark green depths and waking from your dreamy slumber behind fancy feathered ferns.

Dunelm brought this vision to reality with a recent photoshoot for their new foliage inspired range of bed linen. We don’t know about you, but these tearsheets make us want to crawl in beneath the sheets, breath in the crisp green foliage and drift off to an airy slumber.

Looking for the Unusual?

We love what the owners have done with this unusual London location. And we love how Dunelm took its unique appeal and amplified it to the next level.

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Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis