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Decorating allowed: What is a paint and decorate photo shoot location?

Sophie Hitchens Saturday 08th August 2020

At Light Locations, we offer location houses and spaces across the UK, many of which allow decorating. These are versatile properties that will enable photography crews to paint walls, ceilings, doors, woodwork, wallpaper walls, put up curtains, blinds at windows and pictures on the walls to achieve their desired look.

Who uses properties that allow decorating?

Paint and decorate properties offer a fabulous canvas for brands specialising in paint, wallpaper and other interior decoration as it allows them to showcase their products within a stunning setting. Our Eagle House Light Location near Bath has seen some striking transformations in this arena, as London based wallpaper brand Cole & Son illustrate to the gloriously colourful effect below.

Properties that allow decorating also hold appeal and are widely and regularly used by commercial and editorial companies. These companies design and create innovative sets, bringing in fake walls (they call these flats!), all of which need to smoothly merge with existing walls, floors and ceilings. Our Cotswold Barn location for example has seen several soft furnishing and interior brands designing themed scenes such as a ‘Scandinavian Chic’ spread for Sanderson Home.

Which properties allow decorating?

A large number of properties offer clients the option to paint and decorate as it undeniably increases its flexibility and appeal.

Whenever we take on a new property at Light Locations, we always hope they will see the value in providing this option. Around 60% of Light Locations currently allow clients to paint and decorate, and this number continues too.

Types of properties that fit within this versatile category of photoshoot locations are often empty properties, alongside light and white locations that are easy to paint back.

Searching for properties that allow decorating is simple through our find a location category. Each property listed has its own paint back info guide. As it’s the responsibility of the client to return anything painted back to its original colour, these guides are invaluable during pre-shoot preparation.  

A few of our favourite paint and decorate locations

We obviously love all of our Light Locations, but a handful stands out as extremely versatile paint and decorate options.

New Cross

This substantial Victorian house in South East London is entirely white, making it the perfect canvas. It has large rooms with plenty of period features, allowing clients to turn it into whichever style they have in mind. It is also an empty property meaning there is minimal furniture to move or contend with.

Chesterton Road

This beautiful Georgian property in West London is again minimally furnished and boasts a host of period features within a predominantly white setting. For added appeal, there are two ‘burnt out’ rooms available to hire on the top floor.

Forest House

This black-clad property nestled in a beautiful woodland setting in East Sussex is a second home so has the advantage of no property owners being around. With an array of panelled walls and woodwork that allows painting, it offers a different look and feel.

Hopton Road

Another empty and versatile Victorian House in London, Hopton Road has fabulous dimensioned rooms packed with period features. It regularly appeals to editorial clients such as Homes & Gardens and House Beautiful.

Hungerford House

This stunning, well-dimensioned house is a popular example of a great paint and decorate location. With its neutrally painted, great sized rooms with period features and large hallways, it offers lots of scope for these types of shoots.

Interested to know more? 

Browse the full paint and decorate location category or watch out for our future post about the guidelines and considerations in these versatile properties.

Cole & Son's dramatic changes to Eagle House.
Sanderson's changes to Cotswold Barn to create their look.
Another example of Sanderson using Cotswold Barn.
Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens