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Feature Walls: Exposed Brick

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 07th September 2022

The final stop on our journey of feature walls takes us to exposed brick. Exposed brickwork adds character and contrast to a space, providing a rich backdrop for photoshoots. By introducing a different texture, brick is the perfect solution for creating a stylish yet understated design.

Find out more about this classy interior design choice and view our pick of locations displaying gorgeous exposed brick walls.


Feature Walls: Exposed Brick

Exposed brickwork adds warmth and interest to a space. And it works incredibly well when combined with a contrasting range of materials, textures, colours and finishes. Whilst it’s an interior choice that’s been around a while, contemporary designs push the boundaries to include alternative colours and quirky options.


Our Pick of Locations with Exposed Brick Walls

Traditional Brick: Historical character

Hidden in the garden at Princelet Street is a beautiful former pottery. Throw open the doors and see excellent Victorian brickwork packed with historical character.

Traditional Brick: Contemporary Style

The stunning interiors at Sutton Hall and Fawe Street showcase traditional brick working harmoniously with contrasting materials and colours. Wooden and leather furniture, Crittall windows, wood or stone floors and ample foliage combine to create handsome, inviting and inspiring photoshoot locations.


Beautiful Brick: Contemporary Warmth

Three of our Light Locations boast beautiful examples of the natural variance across individual bricks. The result is gorgeous backdrops, warm, inviting interiors and flexible photoshoot locations.

Wisteria House is a chic Georgian home combining the period marriage of period features and contemporary design. And its converted stable block is no exception. The beautiful multi-shaded brick wall brings to life the simple open space. Similarly, several walls at Henley House enrich the interiors with the natural warmth and the gentle colour fluctuations of traditional brown brick.

The feature walls at Kempshott Road are further examples of how the natural variance of bricks can result in warm, beautiful backdrops. A wider range of colours at both properties creates a focal point for unique and characterful interiors.

A Contemporary Alternative

The choice of brickwork at Hogan House in Surrey offers an alternative backdrop option. A newly built property, modern shades of grey provide a more relaxed, calmer atmosphere, enhanced by pale woodwork and swathes of natural light.

A Different Type of Feature Wall

Whilst Vine Cottage doesn’t offer exposed brick; we wanted to include it here. Where brickwork exudes warmth from its clay-based materials, the wall at Vine Cottage radiates character from the beauty of the stone. The result is a feature wall that sets the tranquil tone for the whole room. And a feature wall crying out for a few well-positioned props to create breathtaking photoshoot settings.

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens