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Four Log Burner Looks for Seasonal Shoots

Tabitha Paradise Friday 21st June 2024

There’s no denying the comfort of a crackling fire, warming hands and mesmerising eyes as the embers spark and dance. Although the classic fireplace often takes centre stage, the humble log burner has slowly increased in popularity for its neat and contained functionality as well as its timeless style. In the cooler months, its charming glow is just as welcome and it’s look often equally as striking as an open fire.


Classic Cabins

Spacious living room with wood burning stove and French doors to decked area

The beach themed space at Camber Cabins is full to the brim with light as it reflects off every inch of decked wall. This makes it perfect for summer and spring shooting, but light the log burner and watch the cosy atmosphere take over. Complete with a heaped log pile, this space can easily embody both winter and autumn scenes.

Similar in style, Foster House’s New England style barn is also awash with crisp whites. Located beside painted double doors, the creamy beige log burner is in an ideal spot to combine the indoor and outdoor areas, bringing the natural colour of the season inside.


Rustic Country

The deep brown of Hambledon Barn’s exposed beams makes for a perfect autumn palette. Beneath the striking vaulted ceilings of this barn lies the original fireplace, which houses a classic regency log burner. This spacious living area offers a multitude of possibilities for shooting, whilst the woodburner radiates warm amber hues across the original floorboards.

The conservatory at Sixteen Country House is brimming with textures and colours; rustic wooden boards line the ceiling above the tall log burner, giving way to a straw-coloured woven canopy. It’s a unique space featuring both light and dark, a versatile room capable of capturing both the warmth of summer and the richness of winter.


Contemporary Class

For the more modern twist on the classic woodburner, The Gin Distillery at Whitechapel brings unmatched style. The slick clean lines of this contemporary space are accented with industrial touches, referencing the origins of the property. The angular log burner sits pride of place in the open plan living area, bathed in light from the double height crittal window.

The Marline in Shoreham is another contemporary location dripping with sleek style, with poured concrete floors warmed by wooden textures. This open plan charred timber chalet is the definition of modern rustic, with tactile sheepskins and woven items softening the clean lines all around. The circular log burner sits in the corner of the living area framed by huge glassy windows, perfect for staying warm whilst watching the winter weather outside.



Quirky Historic

The main living room of Stroud House is filled with period features, from its panelled windows to its highly decorative fireplace. The pretty pinks, pastels and creams of this room give it a romantic vintage feel, making it a particularly unique space for shooting.

Trenoweth House, on the other hand, has a much bolder appeal. Its main living area has a bold palette of deep greens, chocolate browns and a few brighter accents here and there. Lined by red bricks, this space could easily work for a Christmas shoot, but could equally serve as an eclectic backdrop for any time of year.

Fireplaces and log burners so often feel like the beating heart of a lived in home, each with their own character and style. Whether we nestle beside them on cooler Spring evenings or adorn them with glistening winter decorations, each and every wood burner has something to bring to the season.


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Tabitha Paradise

Tabitha Paradise