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On Location at Anders House

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 13th April 2022

Mint Velvet, Rae Feather and Sahara all recently went on location at Anders House. The hugely popular Victorian house in Dulwich is a photoshoot location hero. A working home that attracts interior and furnishing brands by the bucketload, it’s making an increasingly notable splash in the fashion industry. 

We look at what makes Anders House so appealing. And we showcase the fashion brands who recently chose the location to present their beautiful new clothing collections.


What Makes Anders House Special?  

Anders House was designed with photo shoots in mind. So it is no surprise that everyone, whether fashion or furniture brands, clamber to shoot here. Its beautiful open plan kitchen and dining space with parquet floor and tongue and groove walls are constantly utilised. And the Crittall windows are a firm favourite with production teams.

A monochrome palette throughout this stunning Victorian House adds a hugely versatile appeal. Clients love the incredibly subtle but impressive drama this gorgeous house provides with its cool creamy walls blending smoothly with bold dark doorways, furniture, and hallways.

On Location with Mint Velvet

Mint Velvet offers an elegant yet casual alternative to fast fashion with luxurious and effortless women’s clothing. Relaxed glamour oozes from every new collection they release.

At Anders House, stylist Sasha Barrie and photographer Elizabeth Gibson impressively utilised the cool, calm corners and warm parquet flooring. Thus adding layers of easy-going chic to Mint Velvet’s laid-back springtime ranges.


On Location with Rae Feather

Rae Feather is an ethically driven brand offering stylish and comfortable holiday clothing using simple silhouettes, natural fabrics and a liberal dash of boho spirit. With travel and worldwide inspiration at its core, they also offer personalised accessories and work closely with Fair Trade organisations and social enterprises across the world.

For the photoshoot at Anders House, stylist Lucy Morel and photographer Amelia De Jong used the Crittall windows and panelled backdrops. And as a result, they provided a gentle level of subtle drama to Rae Feather’s new spring fashion arrivals.

On Location with Sahara

Sahara are passionate supporters of British manufacturing, with over 50 per cent of their clothing made in the UK and over 80 per cent in the EU. They believe in making items that last a lifetime and devise flattering and timeless designs.

Anders House provided a perfect range of simple and uncomplicated backgrounds for photographer Craig Fordham and stylist Hilary Sharp. The perfect canvas to showcase Sahara’s recent and beautiful collection of adventurous contemporary clothing.


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Sophie Hitchens

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